The Rites of Rejuvenation ; the 30 day Challenge
This course will repeat every four weeks. The Rites of Rejuvenation will make you feel 20 years younger in no time at all! You will feel stonger, peppier and more youthful in thought word and deed.
Come see the new mural on our building downtown. Parking is available close by.
we are located in the Alley behind 220 S. Allen Street; Across Allen Street from Schlow Library.
Week I
The 15 minute series explained
Yoga classes in State College
The classes last about one hour. In the first class you will be taught the 5 movements designed in increase strength, flexibility, and balance. You will also be given instructions on how and when to practice at home. No need to take notes! A book will be given you to remind you of the movements.
Week II
Discussion of your progress
Yoga classes in State College
We will meet again at 7:30 for about an hour to answer any questions that arose during the week and to supply alternatives and suggestions. we will be gin to discuss in depth the series and its benefits.
Week III
Yoga classes in State College
This week we will spend some time discussing good food choices and your progress thru the movements.
Week IV
Our final week
Yoga classes in State College
A wrap up of the movements and of your progress. During this class you will be given instructions on the science of meditation ~ how to recognize it ~ and how to achieve it.

Reserve a spot using a credit card or call us to reserve your spot at 610-780-9821. Enrollment is limited to 12 attendees. $99 includes classes and book